Washing your v*g*nas with chemicals kills ‘vaginal soldiers’ – Women warned

Washing your v*g*nas with chemicals kills ‘vaginal soldiers’ – Women warned

Washing your v*g*nas with chemicals kills ‘vaginal soldiers’-Women warned

Women who are into the habit of washing their private parts with various chemicals with the hope of keeping them clean for whatever reason may be courting cancer-related diseases for themselves.

The act according to health professionals, kills bacteria that has naturally been deposited in these areas to guard against infections; the reason they must avoid such chemicals.

Several chemicals in recent times have been advertised in the media as potent for keeping the private parts of women ‘tidy and tight’.

Many girls in their youthful ages have bought into the idea and are using such products with the hope it serves the intended purpose. But a Public Health Nurse with the Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) Unit of the Bolgatanga Regional Hospital, Gifty Damsongo has warned of the negative repercussions
On Bolgatanga-based A1 radio monitored by MyNewsGh.com, she observed that the practice is assuming an alarming proportion and the earlier women realize the dangers the better for them as they risk getting cancer of the Cervix

“Lest I forget, another bad practice that is harmful to the v*gina and can cause serious problems for the cervix is when women wash their v*ginas with all sorts of chemicals. These chemicals kill the vaginal soldiers that have been naturally put there by God”.

On prevention and possible treatment of the worrying cancer diseases affecting women, she underscored the need for women to cultivate the habit of good hygiene and desist from using chemicals in maintaining vaginal cleanliness.

She also urged women to go for regular checkups in order to detect early signs of the disease for proper treatment.

Source: mynewsgh

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