Video: New relationships must thrive on communication

Video: New relationships must thrive on communication

Counsellor, Inspirational speaker and healthy homes advocate, Amos Kevin-Annan has directed young people to try as much as possible to refrain from touching each other during the early stages of their relationship.

He believes the formative part of every relationship must be focused on building effective communication instead.

Talking about ‘Falling in love’ with host, Comfort Ocran on the Springboard Hangout Show on e.TV Ghana, he stated that communication is said to be the basis of life therefore, if life is going to be as it should be, it is highly dependent on communication.

“One of the things I have seen has to do with conversations. There are so many of us who take to the formal structured way of communication so we even have prepared responses for certain questions and that hurts,” he said.

According to him, “The trump card for a woman in a relationship is her ability to raise conversational questions and interactive statements because that is what you need at the initial stages. Young men, because they get overwhelmed by the physical attributes or features of a woman, sometimes, are prone to touching.”

He added that when a man allows himself to get so touchy, then talking becomes less because “if you talk more, the propensity to drift into touching minimizes.” This, he explained, is also not good for the initial stages of a relationship because it drifts focus and in the end, what could have been a serious relationship ends up as something else.

From this, he advised that right from the beginning, it is important to learn to be a conversationalist because conversations make people vulnerable and helps us to be more intimate with each other even without having sexʋal intercourse.