Video: Licking vagina can reveal lotto numbers – Actor

Video: Licking vagina can reveal lotto numbers – Actor

Ghanaian actor Michael Agyare, preferably referred to as Grandpa has asserted that licking p*ssy can reveal lotto numbers.

In an interview with Adwen on eTV Ghana’s adult edutainment show “In Bed with Adwen”, he stated that cunnilingus, which we mostly refer to as pu**y licking, is very good and has a lot of benefits that people do not know about.

One of these benefits is what he mentioned as the revelation of lotto numbers.
“When you lick pussy, you can even get lotto numbers. After putting your tongue there and doing all that work, when you go to bed, you can dream of single four, thirty-three”, he said.

Grandpa also mentioned that “If you observe, you’ll realize that men who have lots of beard are the ones that love licking pussy the most”.
He confessed that they do it to glorify themselves and one time when he also tried it, he found that it is indeed very nice.

The actor however advised that women should be sure to keep their private parts neat and rid of infections so that they can receive cunnilingus every time.

Apparently, his reason for this advice is his own personal experience which he shared that he got intimate with a girl sometime back only for the bad smell from her vagina to engulf him from his nose to his own private part, even to his shoes and the whole room.

By: Maureen Dedei Quaye

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