Video: Here’s why women cheat more than men

Video: Here’s why women cheat more than men

It’s always been said that men cheat more than women but, for some reason in recent times, it has been proven that women are catching up with them or even cheat more than they do.

Producer, Actor and commercial model, Nana Kwame Asare Shasha has shared some likely reasons why women will cheat on their men.

He agreed to the fact that women are actually cheating more than men these days but their reasons for doing that is what he does not seem to understand.

Talking to Nana Yaw Odame on e.TV Ghana’s Men’s Lounge, he shared, “Women are cheating more than men today because they are very secretive and can hide information for so many years without you finding out unlike men.”

Nana Kwame emphasized that, the only reason he can think of that will make a woman cheat will be because of money.

“Because if you’re able to satisfy your woman in bed, provide her with everything she needs and you’re responsible, I don’t see why she should still cheat on you,” he said.

He stated that if a woman still cheats after being given everything then, she is a witch.

“To some extent, if you’re still unable to provide her with all her needs, it is still no excuse for her to cheat.”

He proceeded to say that the only things women need are money, attention, time and making sure their needs are met but, “if you’re able to do all these and she still cheats then she’s a witch,” he charged.