Vaginas with more ‘bumps’ taste better – Pastor

Vaginas with more ‘bumps’ taste better – Pastor

Pastor, sɛx and life coach, Reverend Ben Yawson, has educated that the bumpy feel inside of a woman’s vagina is a good thing that makes sɛx feel even better and should not be a cause for alarm.

These bumps on the vaginal walls, which are referred to scientifically as vaginal rugae, are a very essential characteristic of the vagina and as disclosed by the pastor cum sɛx coach, appear even rougher in virgins.

The pastor shared with Adwen the Love Doctor during an interview on eTV Ghana’s adult show ‘In Bed with Adwen’ that vaginal rugae is important especially during sexʋal intercourse because it makes the act enjoyable both for the man and the woman.

According to the pastor, some men get alarmed when they feel these ridges inside the vagina, thinking it has to do with an infection or some form of disease, however, “it rather increases your estrogen level and gives you more pleasure during sɛx”, he said.

Rev. Yawson noted that the vaginal rugae can begin to disappear and have a smoother feel due to conditions like childbirth and menopause, and when this happens, the vagina gets less sensitive and sɛx is less pleasurable.