TV personality, Gifty Anti gets new title

TV personality and broadcaster, Gifty Anti says she has hit another milestone in her life after receiving honours and a new title.

The new title FBI, she says, was conferred on her after she was awarded a Fellowship of the Boardroom Institute, FBI, by the Accra Business school.

Adding the title to the host of Standpoint’s name reads Oheneyere FBI Dr Gifty Anti.

Posting pictures of the event on her Facebook page, she wrote, “the journey from Egypt to the promised land is tough, really tough, but God will always be with us.”

She urged her followers to help her pray and thank God.

The host of standpoint has also released a new book ‘A Bit of Me’ which delves into detail is the untold story of Gifty Anti’s life.

The book become number 1 new release on Amazon less than a week of its release.