3 things that make man useless in bed

3 things that make man useless in bed


The most disappointing that can happen to a man in marriage is when your wife no longer allows you to have sex with her because you can no longer perform like a complete man.


There are 3 problems that can make any make completely useless in bed and also make your woman complain bitterly…


1) Weak Erection – that is your manhood becomes soft and weak when you are about to perform during sex. Such that you cannot penetrate her and your dick just swim inside her vagina. That situation is very embarrassing and frustrating for your wife. She won’t want to have sex with you next time you try.


2) Premature Ejaculation – That is you cum or release within 5 minutes of having sex without satisfying your partner at all. But for some men it’s even worse to the extent that they release within few seconds of penetration or inserting their dick into their wife’s vagina.


3) Small Penis size – Most men live in shame and silence because of small manhood size. Your dick is very short and tiny and it does not really penetrate her well.


Truth is, most women want a man that has at least 5 – 6inches length of ROCK HARD penis that can fuck her so well during sex and make her orgasm several times.


Like it or not, most women want a man that can go for more than 1round of sex, can perform for up to 25minutes without releasing too fast, and a man that has big, massive manhood that can rock her world and satisfy her in bed completely.


Most women want a man that is confident and dominating, and has full control in the bedroom.

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