There can’t be a fixed rule on how couples should use their phones – Banker

There can’t be a fixed rule on how couples should use their phones – Banker

Banker, Alfred Quaynor, has opinionated that it is okay if some couples choose to keep their phones private while others give each other access to their phones because there cannot be a particular rule on how couples should handle their mobile phones.

In an interview with Nana Yaw Odame on e.TV Ghana’s Men’s Lounge, he stated that a lot of couples these days are obsessed with having access to each other’s phones; however, this should not be the priority.

“The primary obsession for every partner in a relationship should be whether you are being treated right, whether there is respect in the relationship, and based on the activities that both of you do, whether you feel okay in the relationship”, he said.

Alfred noted that if all of these needs are being met and there is no financial, emotional or mental issues pending, then he believes that there will be no obsession on any partner’s side to go through his or her partner’s phone.

According to him, “There can’t be a particular rule on how partners use their phones in a relationship. Every single relationship is different. There are people who use their mobile phones at home such that they can pick each other’s calls or use each other’s phones for their personal stuff because they have that understanding and there are others who don’t”.

He made his point saying that, “Once the marriage is working and everyone is happy, why would you want to want to be as curious as a cat and d!e like a cat?” Alfred advised that once everything is working out in a relationship, then both parties should keep things as they are instead of ruining the peace by opening the ‘Pandora’s box’.