The woman who has your pen*s has your brain – Counselor tells men

The open secret is, sex has become a lucrative business with high demands. Some ladies are just cashing in. They are service providers selling the sex to the men who have lost total control over their penis. What seems to be private is now public. People are having sex in all kinds of places, corners, holes, various washrooms at malls and workplaces, movie houses, inside cars, etc.

It’s obvious our men are sick and are on a break. This is alarming and no one sees anything wrong with it any longer because the majority are into this business. There are “sexpreneurs” called slay queens who are experts in taking care of loose husbands’ sexual needs in return for favours.

How will these men react to their children one day, when they aspire to be “sexpreneurs”, as a future career in the making, since demand is high and has become number one source of income for others. Until the consumers or customers stop patronising, until the men stop buying sex, it won’t stop. God created marriage because sex has never been a business in his books and laws.

Sex will soon become a currency, a preferable mode of payment for bills such as accommodation, electronic gadgets, transportation, tickets to shows, payment for food as common as noodles, buying airtimes and data, and for even settlement of debts. It has become a powerful tool for corruption. Where people use sex to get some position or job in politics and government.

We are dangerously getting to the place that, there won’t be the need for marriage, ushering us into an era of broken homes. Since people are accepting sex as source of income, broken heart or ‘use and dump’ have become bad debt for unsmarts sexpreneurs.

Our society is getting deadly each day especially with the kind of commercials which play on our airwaves. Alcoholic beverages preaching sex. The more our men especially consume these substances, the higher their appetite for sex goes. These substances help them to lose their central control system that is in charge of their penis, they therefore end up in bed with any woman they come across who is ready to sell her vagina for some cash.

Many of the relationships are just cheaper subscription to sex and won’t end up in marriage. How can this society which is making men lose their sanity fight sexual crime in the future?

Ignorance is gradually killing us, The penis is a symbol of power to the man, just as in spirituality, the blood of Jesus Christ equals the power of Jesus. Some deity get their power through sacrificing blood periodically. With no blood, such deity become impotent and its worshipers turn their back on it.

Same with the penis, it is just like a rubber hole, the brain pumps blood into it to become powerful. And once the brain is not able to pump blood into it, it becomes impotent. Meaning the man has become powerless. Just as a deity loses it worshipers because it has become powerless, such men lose their wives. In some cultures such man lose respect too, he cannot take any leadership role. Where elders are together brainstorming, he is not allowed to be part. This is how powerful the penis is.

Again, one easy way of killing the man is by having access to his manhood. This organ is so important that God in His own wisdom has placed it beneath the stomach protected by two strong walls called the thighs.

A man giving his manhood to any woman whom he has not studied, trusted and married is like signing his death warrant. A woman who has control of your manhood does not only have power over you, he also has the power over your brain. This is why lots of women have high influenced on men they sleep with.

To some kings and Presidents, it is their wives who tell them what to do. It’s the wives who rule. Have you asked yourself how come some side chicks dictate to the man what to do. She has the power to tell the man to get her anything she wants which the man fulfils without thinking twice because he has lost his brain to the woman through sex.

For those who have been sexual addict to ladies, what it means is the lady controls their bank account too. She tells him what to do and he has no choice than to obey. This is why men have to be very careful who they have sex with.

It is so dangerous for men to drive to strange places in the city in the night, get a strange woman they don’t know, take her to the hotel or home, have sex with, and think he is enjoying life. No, he is just giving his power and brain to a strange woman with whom other people sleep with including spirits. And the man who does that is a sick man, a man who is intoxicated with alcohol or substance. “Alcohol is for people who are dying, for those who are in misery” – Proverbs 31:6 (GNT).

Men find any sort of woman in the street, night clubs, have sex with her, loses their brain and power to her, and she tells him to marry her which he obeys because he has lost his brain and power to her. Live with her for years just to find out the children he thought they had together were not his. We are getting to a place that requesting DNA will be a first step for men like that who are trying to regain their brain and power back.

“Don’t spend all your energy on sex and all your money on women; they have destroyed kings” – Proverbs 31:3 (GNT).

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