Teaching License a good Policy but we are worried about its implementation-TTAG-ASHBA President

The president for Ashanti and Brong –Ahafo (ASHBA) sector of the Teacher Trainees Association f Ghana (TTAG), Thompson Owusu Boah has expressed a strong disapproval towards government quest to implement teaching license policy on teacher trainees.

He has described the policy as good one but has rubbished the method government wants to use in its implementation.

According to him, government should in consultation with them as stakeholders discuss into details the mechanisms which are going to be used in the implementation of the policy.

TTAG-ASHBA, “we are worried about the implementation of the teaching license policy”

He declared that TTAG need to understand and obtain in-depth knowledge on the policy and whereas explain to its member before the implementing it. “Our members are confused and worried about the policy and how the government is going to handle it, therefore we would persist opposing the implementation of this policy if we are not well enlightened”.

The president further specified that government should take a second look at its plans of assigning Teacher Training for National Service.

Of which he thinks that, the method government wants to use this procedure in order not to post teachers to their teaching post and as well compel them to write application for their job which has never been done since the establishment of the colleges.

“We will resist any attempt the government would take for not posting us….” The statement he made.

However, TTAG-ASHBA has pleaded on the government to,

  • Maintain the Teacher Trainees (TT) allowance
  • Maintain the automated postings by GES
  • Provide comprehensive document to roll out the policy as well as the time frame.
  • Table the proposal for further discussion before implementation.
  • Involve all relevant bodies in the amendments of the colleges of education Act 2012(847) and all other educational reforms.

They disclosed these sentiments during TTAG-ASHBA sector, 23rd Annual Delegates Congress 2018, themed; impact of the education reforms on trainees and the college of education in Kumasi.

Source: Joseph Marfo/Ghissues.Com