sɛx should not be as cheap as it has been made to look – Relationship expert

sɛx should not be as cheap as it has been made to look – Relationship expert

Corporate Relationship Manager, Giva Korsah has expressed great concern about the seemingly cheap outlook that the current generation has given to sɛx.

Interviewed on eTV Ghana’s adult edutainment programme “In Bed with Adwen”, she told the Love Doctor Adwen that sɛx is supposed to move hand-in-hand with love, however, the current generation has drawn a line separating these two.

Per her observation, some people tend to have sɛx with random people that they are not in love with and although some people grow that connection after having sɛx, she believes that this should not be the case as it is not always guaranteed that they will fall in love after having sɛx.

“In our modern Ghana or society, not everyone understands that sɛx moves hand-in-hand with love. They think sɛx is just sɛx and love is just love but God made it such that these two are supposed to move together.

Why do we have to make sɛx so easy or cheap? People have sɛx for so many reasons but it wasn’t supposed to be so. The only reason for sɛx should be love because when these two feelings come together, it gives you double the emotion and the connection is even greater”, she said.

According to her, love is a connection and sɛx is an even deeper connection, hence the two need to move together to complement each other. On that note, Giva advised that people desist from having sexual intercourse if it is not backed by that special feeling of love.

By: Maureen Dedei Quaye

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