Spiritualist shares puzzle behind sexʋal locking

Spiritualist shares puzzle behind sexʋal locking

A lot of times, we hear stories of couples getting stuck inside each other during sexʋal intercourse.

While some people relate it to being normal as medical researchers call it ‘penis captivus’, others also direct it to spirituality or witchcraft.

Ghanaian Pastor and Spiritualist, Apostle Agye Boafuo also known as Sunsumn K3se has revealed the ins and outs of this rare situation and how it came about.

He stated that, just as everything was created by God, this particular situation is no exception because, “herbs created by God is what is used in locking a penis and a vagina during sexʋal intercourse.”

In an interview with Rev Nyansa Boakwa on Happy 98.9 FM’s NsemPii he explained, “There is a particular herb used in doing this together with other vital ingredients. This is mostly done by a man who does not want his wife to cheat on him or insecure men who want to know whether or not their wives are cheating on them.”

He explained that the men, put the ingredients together, apply it on their penis and this automatically serves as a code or mode of entry into the vagina of their wives only.

“If the woman is unaware of this and mistakenly goes to have s3x with another man, the two will get stuck inside each other until the man reverses whatever he has done,” he explained.

Not wanting to give all the details he furthered that they are other ways people can go about this but, “I won’t advise you to do this because, we do certain things today and it ends up affecting us tomorrow.”

He advised couples to always try and understand each other before putting themselves in such complicated situations.