Rex Omar came to kill us – Musician

Ghanaian musician and a member of the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO), Ama Rasta is highly disappointed with the leadership of the organization.

Speaking in an interview with Happy FM’s Doctor Cann on ShowbizXtra, she painfully cried out that President of the organization, Rex Omar is dealing poorly with members.

“The way Rex is dealing with us at GHAMRO is very bad. Rex came to kill us,” she said.

According to Ama Rasta she believes she has to receive more than the 290 cedis paid her by GHAMRO as a musician and producer.

“I had 290 Ghana Cedis. I believe I must get more because I produce myself and I am a musician,” she stated.

On her account, she received between 600 to 700 cedis for being a musician and producer respectively under the past GHAMRO leadership and does not understand why her fortunes have dwindled this time around.

Controversial Ama Rasta reigned curses on the management of the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) over the organisation’s failure to pay her royalties.

The artiste was seen in a video with a bottle of what looked like dry gin and some eggs in hand while making her threats at the premises of GHAMRO, on Wednesday.

It seems her curses scared GHAMRO into paying her royalties worth 290 cedis but the musician has insisted that if that is not the full amount, her curses will surely take effect.