Reject Morocco as ECOWAS member – Bensah

Reject Morocco as ECOWAS member – Bensah

A policy analyst of the Economic Community of West African State (ECOWAS), E.K. Bensah, has called on African countries to kick against moves to admit Morocco into the ECOWAS sub-regional group.

There are talks ongoing about the possibility of Morocco being admitted into ECOWAS after its request to join the regional group was accepted in principle, despite its geographical location in North Africa.

A Moroccan delegation is currently in Ghana to promote the country’s agenda to become part of the West African economic block.

Speaking about this development with Class News, Mr Bensah said the North African country does not merit ECOWAS membership.

He said: “First of all, I think it’s really a bad idea that Morocco will want to join ECOWAS, it’s an illegality as far as Africa’s integration is concerned.

“Morocco tried to join the EU many years ago, the Europeans also rejected them because the Europeans feel they are not Europeans and now they want to come and join us? We can’t allow that until they begin to also respect the Saharawi Republic, member states of ECOWAS should not allow that. Morocco, which belongs to Northern Africa decides to come to ECOWAS? Already that is against AU.”

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