Pentecost Church had no place for me so I left – Gospel Musician

Pentecost Church had no place for me so I left – Gospel Musician

Gospel artiste and radio presenter, Jeshurun Okyere has said disclosed his reason for leaving the Church of Pentecost to Makers House Chapel.
Okyere, who was a guest on Christian Entertainment Review show, said because of his music career and personal relationship with Dr. Michael Boadi Nyamekye, founder and leader of Makers House Chapel International, he had to choose the former over Pentecost.

The Live Fm’s morning show presenter further stated that as at the time he started his music career, Pentecost church had no provision for music pastor.

Jeshurun Okyere was thankful to the Pentecost Church for first giving him the platform believing in his music dream which has made a great impact today.

“At a point in my life in the church of Pentecost I wanted to take up music as my main career. The church of Pentecost didn’t have provision for music Pastors at that time.

“The church of Pentecost gave me my first platform as a musician and Apostle Eric Kwabena Nyamekye, the Chairman elect was the one who nurtured me.” Jeshurun Okyere told Nii Noi, host of Christian Entertainment Review show on GN TV.

Asked if it is right for churches to venture into owning record labels, Okyere said, “running a record label is a skill and if you don’t have that skill you will waste money unless you go and hire a record label or someone who has an experience. Churches should go for the right people for their record label and should check if it is in their mandate.”

“Dr. Michael Boadi Nyamekye knows the relevance of music that is why he invests in music. In my church there is a studio to help artistes in the church record their songs.”

According to the host of the annual gatherings of believers, AUGUST WORSHIP, the church exists to build people up and empower them.

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