Pastor explains why Rings are not necessary in marriages

The Worldwide Leader of the Seventh day Congregation of Theocracy, Apostle Kadmiel Agbalenyo , has stated that, rings that married couples are made to wear during marriage in Church to signify love and fidelity to one another, is not necessary.

He noted that, even if rings are to be accepted in marriage, it should rather be during the engagement ceremonies that are done at the home of the bride, because that is the real marriage, as it is supposed to be done by the two families of the bride and the groom.

Speaking on ‘Virginity to matrimony, and hardness of marital heart ‘at a Public Lecture in Accra recently, the Apostle, averred that what is important in marriage, is the presence of God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost and not a ring which usually, after marriage, could be with evil spirits, and at times are removed and hidden, to commit adultery, just to put them back to deceive themselves and the public.

Apostle Agbalenyoh, noted that for a lady or a woman or a man to be a virgin before marrying, is a very good thing in the sight of God, who is the author of marriage.

He continued that, it was in this vein that, God chose the Holy Virgin Mary to be the mother of our saviour, Jesus Christ.

Apostle Agbalenyoh, who is also the Head of the End Time Theocratic Mission, noted that the present day virgins, should be proud of their status and maintain it in the fear of the lord, before they get married also to partners who fear God.

He said, people who mock at virgins, do not actually understand virginity and its importance.

The Apostle noted that in the past, Pastors and chiefs and other leaders in society, do not marry anyhow, but are strictly made to marry virgins to set a good example because they are supposed to handle marital problems of their followers among other issues in society.

He also noted that, when a man or a woman are of age, in-depth investigations are conducted before a suitable partner is sought for them by the family and not the kind of system we see now, where people get married on Facebook and in public places after meeting for the first time.

The Apostle stated that when one wants to go into marriage, they should learn to depend on their mind, instead of relying on their face or mouth to take decisions.

He said, it is unfortunate that, these days the age old puberty rites, like dipo and begoro, are being shun, even though such customs prepare young people for good marriages.

He said, the so called dating by Europeans, which has been blindly adopted in Africa, is leading the young and old love birds to cause abortions and disappointments.

He said, whilst dating, young people wrongly engage in sexual intercourse and if they face problems such as barrenness after marriage, then they wrongly accuse their innocent elderly and old ladies for bewitching them.

The Apostle noted that, as a man or a woman, one must make sure that he or she has a vocation or a profession.

Apostle Agbalenyoh noted that the pride prize that a man is supposed to pay to a woman and her family, before the marriage can be sealed is very important, stressing that all married men who have not done it, should do it to avoid embarrassment in the future.

Another critical area in marriage is cooking, which a wife should know and ensure that the husband does not feel hungry, adding that there is nothing wrong, if a wife is in difficulty and the husband or the children are available to support her in the house chores.

He said, people who do not have heart for marriage should not enter into it at all to disturb one another.

He said the advice that is given by some Ghanaian parents that when a woman goes into marriage and gets money, she should bring it home, but when there is debt, they should leave it to the man, is unacceptable and ungodly, as a wife is supposed to be a helper to her man.

He said couples should always avoid divorce which comes about mostly due to hardness of heart, stressing that Satan hates unity in marriage, so if couples allow him, marriages can be destroyed.

Apostle Agbalenyoh advised that the modern trends that is compelling women to get their breasts, buttocks and other sexual and vital parts to be operated upon to attract their partners, is bad , stressing that it is a way of being ungrateful to God about how He created the women who engage in such acts.