Normalize gifting women without expecting sɛx in return – sɛx coach advises

Normalize gifting women without expecting sɛx in return – sɛx coach advises

Ghanaian sɛx coach, Dzifa Sweetness, has advised men to normalize buying gifts for their partners without asking for or expecting sɛx as a payback.

Interviewed on eTV Ghana’s ‘In Bed with Adwen’ adult show hosted by the Love Doctor Adwen, she made this assertion while sharing tips on how a man can enjoy great sɛx with his woman.

She hinted that getting a woman in the mood for sɛx is not always about foreplay, but also has to do with how she is treated in the relationship, the man’s approach to relaying his sexual desires and even his physical appearance at the time.

According to her, some men never buy gifts for for their partners unless they want to have sɛx, therefore whenever he mentions to his partner that he is getting her a gift, then she knows his motive and that gets her tired of the man, this making sɛx unenjoyable.

Dzifa added that, “Some men just demand for sɛx like it is a one way affair. They say things like ‘open your legs’ or ‘I told you I’ll be having sɛx with you today so why aren’t you naked yet?’ Some men can insult their partner in the morning and expect sɛx in the evening. Even if she agrees to have sɛx with you, the thought of that insult will just get her dried up and out of the mood in a flash”.

The sɛx coach hinted that if men are to put a stop to all of these, it would shock them how wet their partner would become even without foreplay, whenever they have random or unplanned sɛx.