Never be desperate for movie roles – Actress to youngsters

Never be desperate for movie roles – Actress to youngsters

Actress, Cecilia Anno-Barnieh, has advised young, aspiring actresses not to be desperate for roles.

Discussing the ups and downs of being a woman in Ghanaian showbiz with Mercy Bee the Ekumfi Princess on eTV Ghana’s Girl Vibes show, she was asked if she has ever been asked to have sɛx for a role and she replied that she has heard of such instances but has never been a victim.

Further speaking on this issue, she opined that most of the time, the composure of these young ladies indirectly communicates with the movie directors or whoever is in charge that they are desperate, hence they also take advantage of that to threaten not to give them the role if they do not go to bed with them.

“What I have to tell young ladies and upcoming artistes is don’t be too desperate. If a role is for you, it’s for you. So long as you put in the work, once you’re ready, if it’s for you, you will get it”, she said.

Cecilia also added that “A lot of young ladies think that it’s all about the red carpet, wear a nice dress, get their hair and makeup done and then that’s it but they’re wrong. It is fifteen hours of set and sometimes, even before that fifteen or twenty hours, you’re also learning lines from long scripts”.

She concluded that becoming an actress is not as easy as it looks however, if anyone deserves it and they put in the work, then they will get it without having to sleep around with directors.