Nayas finally opens up in new video why she lashed Ernest Opoku

Nayas finally opens up in new video why she lashed Ernest Opoku

Ernest Opoku chased out of radio station by pregnant girlfriend during live show

Actress Nayas storming the studios of Adom FM on Monday, May 14, to lash gospel singer Ernest Opoku.

Nayas reportedly stormed the studios where Ernest was having a live worship programme and while it was still ongoing, started caning him and all he could say was “Ajeeeeei”, revealing the pain.

Her action has left many wondering on social media and among members of the general public why she did that and what could actually be the reason.

Gospel singer Ernest Opoku

For instance, many of the listeners of Adom FM who had tuned in to the programme heard the commotion on live radio, and reportedly ran to the station to see things for themselves.

According to Nayas, Ernest Opoku milked her dry during their relationship.

“Every day give me this, give me that, do this for me, do that for me, send me this and that and I was doing all for him,” Nayas fumed.

It has also been established that Ernest Opoku termed his affair with Nayas as a “mistake”.

That relationship led to a pregnancy which Ernest Opoku forced her to abort.

All these have infuriated the actress so much that she had always tried to find ways to deal with him.

However, she had not been successful in getting him until she realized that he was having a live radio programme at the station, and so she quickly dashed off with a cane to “punish” Ernest Opoku.

According to Nayas, she is expecting the gospel singer to go on his knees to beg for forgiveness as that is the only way she could forgive him.

Ernest Opoku, according to reports, is noted for such notoriety.

Though he is married with kids, he is alleged to have many side-chicks including voluptuous actress Tracey Boakye, who is one of his “many” ex-girlfriends.



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