MMDCE’s in Kumasi deserve severe lashes over Sanitation – Journalist

The desire to take effective measures to managing sanitation in Ghana has become a major challenge rocking stiffer shoulders with the country.

Improper dispose of waste keep accelerating at a very top speed and this has undoubtedly rained strange diseases on the Ghanaian citizens.

The President of the Republic of Ghana Nana Addo in his first year of office pledged to make Accra the cleanest city in Africa but the mission is yet to be accomplished.
Filth in Accra has tremendously increased despite the president’s vision.

In Kumasi, the issue is the same, dirt in the Ashanti Regional capital has become a major challenge the people of the city are facing.

The Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly [KMA] in 2018 launched what is called operation Keep the Kumasi City Clean and Green [KCCG] where waste bins were planted all over the city yet, sanitation problems have not been solved.
The waste bins are sometimes not emptied on time and residents on the metropolis have raised strong concerns on KMA’s poor affairs on sanitation.

A broadcast journalist in Kumasi who works with Adom FM/ Nhyira FM [Multimedia], Nana Awuku Denkyembuo has also voiced out that the MMDCE’s specifically in Ashanti and Ghana as a whole are the major cause of poor sanitation.

He said they lack the requisite knowledge to make the city clean despite haven the tools and power to control the menace.

He believes that, MMDCE’s they are relaxed and unperturbed about the consequences arising out of filth.
As a result, President Nana Addo should match the MMDCE’s boot for boot or lash them in public and this procedure he believes will wake them up to curb the canker [poor sanitation]

Source: Joe Marfo/