Many women repent after bad sexʋal experiences – sɛx coach reveals

Many women repent after bad sexʋal experiences – sɛx coach reveals

sɛx coach, Dzifa Sweetness, has argued that a lot of women who have repented, did so because they had a bad sexʋal experience while breaking their virginity.

Dzifa told Adwen the Love Doctor during an interview on the In Bed With Adwen adult show which airs on eTV Ghana that breaking of a woman’s virginity is something that is very delicate because once the experience does not go well for the woman, it leaves a lot of negative effects.

“A lot of the women you see at church are not there because they woke up one day and decided to repent. They are there because they have gone through some traumatizing sexʋal experience that is deteriorating them mentally”, she said.

Dzifa explained that some women had their virginity unwillingly broken by their uncles, step-fathers, cousins or even brothers who probably threatened to hurt them if they told anyone, therefore, they end up in church to tell their problems to God as they are scared to tell anyone.

“70% of women are broken by people close to them so you’ll see these women in the church and think everything is okay but deep down, they are traumatized and have vowed never to have sɛx in their lives”, the sɛx coach disclosed.

According to her, sɛx, especially for the first time, must be calm. However, with these women, since it was done forcefully by a close person, they do not have it calmly or even get pampered afterwards to ease the initial pain and this leaves a dented perception about sɛx in their minds for life.