Let’s change our mindset – African Youth urged

Dear African youth, thinking and only seeing challenges, keeps you limited and unable to grow for greater heights. It has not been easy for everyone achieving but to those who achieve, are the ones who see the opportunities of making it and the reward, bigger than the challenges that may exist. Our Lord Jesus Christ foresaw the reward ahead of Him – that, He will be given a Name which will be far above every other name. He went through the hell of men, torture, systems not working, bad roads, bad network, no credit facilities, no this, no that. Yet He made it.

Many of us as Ghanaians or African youth, maybe of far age than Mark Zuckerberg who owns Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Calibra etc. This young guy is now the 3rd world richest! Do you think he made it because no challenges existed? Or Jack Ma of alibaba and china made it when no challenges existed? Or you think Bill Gates also had it easy?
We hail and enjoy spiritual songs from my Dad Eld. Mireku and truth be told, he never had it easy from start! Eld. Tobin of my church and of Tobinco pharmaceuticals, Eld. Agyepong also of my church and of ZoomLion never had it easy. All the challenges we are facing today, may have existed in their times and even worse yet they pursued and have achieved whatever their dreams were.

As a young Director of YouSort Company, yes there exist numerous challenges in Ghana and Africa. Yet, we still can arise and become great inventors, great business creators! Never settle to only be a consumer. But rise and keep pushing, moving, persevering, determine, and pursue and you will become a great person even in the worse environment.

This Epistle was penned to you by Jude Asante – Young CEO of YouSort World Company Limited