Laboanu residents share water with animals

Laboanu residents share water with animals

Residents of Laboanu, a community in the Nkwanta South District of the Volta Region say they feel neglected due to a myriad of challenges they are faced with.

They say complaints have been met with deaf ears from authorities in the District.

The residents, mostly cocoa farmers, have no access to potable water, a situation forcing the, about 850 people, to compete with animals for access to stagnated water.

The contaminated water mostly muddy is put to domestic use without proper treatment; a health problem waiting to happen.

Some womenfolk who had come to fetch the water for use have expressed their misgivings about the seeming silence over the issue despite making several complaints to authorities in the area about their plight.

“We are really suffering and need government to come to our aid as quickly as possible,” the woman lamented.

Worse is the inaccessibility of routes to clinics located in other surrounding communities.

Mr Moses Koblavi another resident indicates that the sick are mostly carried across a river in order to access healthcare. In some cases, they don’t make it.

“Some women die on the way and pregnant women are mostly affected” he lamented

Similar sentiments were expressed by the residents who say the situation is worse for pregnant women in labour.

Mr Koblavi revealed that though a bridge was being constructed for the area, the project has stalled.

“The situation is also affecting education in Laboanu. There is no guaranteed safety for pupils who have to cross this water daily in order to access education” he said.

Many are worried that furthering their education may just be the worst of challenges as they may have to continue crossing in order to access schools in other communities, a situation which may be a disincentive to student s in the area.

The MCE for the area, John Thusun who visited the area promised that something urgent would be done about the situation.

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