Kwahuman Asks Youth, Visitors To Dress Well During Easter Visit.

The Chiefs and elders of Kwahuman have expressed their displeasure about the prevailing trend of scantily clad youth that has become a regular feature of Easter festivities on the ridge every year.

“The Easter festivities is what we have inherited and so we continue to mark it but some of the youth are making light of it. They exhibit some behaviours that do not augur well during the period and this is totally at variance with what we believe in because the dressing, especially of the ladies, and the character they display at Easter is very worrying,” Nana Asomani, one of the elders of Obomeng told the Daily Graphic.

He stressed that the impression the indecency exhibited by the youth portrayed to visitors to Kwahuman during the Easter defeated the purpose for which the celebrations were instituted and urged the media to help drum home to the youth that they the elders abhorred the indecency.

The elders admonished youth who will partake in the Easter activities to comport themselves and not to engage acts that will bring the entire Kwahu and the Easter into disrepute.

They recounted an instance where someone took the community to court alleging that some youth were found engaging in illicit sex in the open.

No indecency here

They pledged that if any of them, as elders, found people engaging in obscene and unacceptable behaviour during the festivities, they would quickly inform the chief for the appropriate sanctions to be taken against the culprits.

In addition, people who dressed indecently will be prevented from taking part in the activities.

They noted, however, that not all the people seen indecently dressed were Kwahus, since many guests and tourists participated in the festivities, and warned all such persons to desist those reprehensible conducts.

The Chief of Obomeng, Odééfoc Nana Effah Opinamang III, said “during Easter we receive both good and bad people and we are pleading for good behaviour and cautioning the thieves who may find themselves among us that security personnel will be at work.”

OdééfoƆ Nana Opinamang further called on the youth to desist from indulging in drug intake, including tramadol and cannabis.


Elders at the Mpraeso palace who also spoke with the Daily Graphic expressed similar sentiments, saying that it did not augur well for the Easter festivities. An indigene, Mr Philip Asiama Opoku, said the youth engaged in enjoyment and frivolity during the festivities.

“One of the things that worry us is the indecent dressing of the ladies. You meet very beautiful ladies, some of whom may pass for general managers in companies, and you see them almost naked,” he stated in disgust.

He pleaded with the chiefs of Kwahuman to quickly address the issue, since arrests by the police would not solve the problem

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