I’ve stopped performing for free in church – Brother Sammy explains why

Gospel musician, Brother Sammy says he has put a stop to the free shows at churches ? he now charge Pastors before taken the mic to perform in their churches.

If Pastors are cashing out huge on Sundays why can’t gospel musicians who perform at such churches also charge?

Brother Sammy in an interview with Andy Dosty said;

“I’ve stopped performing for free when I’m being invited to perform in Churches this is because I’ve realised Pastors no longer support Gospel Musicians in any way and so there is no need for us Gospel musicians to also perform to them for free”.

On his purpose of doing gospel music, he answered; “Andy, I won’t be a hypocrite to sit here and lie; I’m doing Gospel Music not to only win Souls for Christ but to also make good money for myself and to support my Gospel Ministry. If I don’t have money or make money from doing gospel, how am I going to take care of myself, take care of my team and more”.

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