It’s hard to make it outside Accra – Musician

Complaints about the music industry being too centered in Accra have been ongoing for some time now. With the exception of a few acts from the other regions who have broken through, it seems only Accra-based artistes get most of the attention.

While some may argue that talent can push an artiste no matter where he is, rapper, Flowking Stone, who is based in Kumasi, has told Showbiz that it is indeed difficult for a musician to make it outside Accra.

According to Flowking Stone, everything is happening in Accra and once a musician is not there, his or her chances of making it are slim.

“Everything is happening in Accra. Apart from all the connections and sponsors here, all the event centres are here in Accra, talk of the Accra International Conference Centre (AICC), the National Theatre, the Fantasy Dome, the Banquet Hall of the State House just to mention a few,” he said.

He explained that apart from Fancy Gadam who has been very successful in the Northern Region, all the other artistes are struggling to make it in the other regions.

“It looks like you need to be based in Accra before you make it big time. Almost all the A-list artistes are in Accra and that explains why most artistes are moving from the other regions to Accra,” he said.

Flowking Stone, who says his core fans are in Kumasi, told Showbiz he cherished where he came from because he usually gets 80 percent of his shows in Kumasi.

“I get almost 80 percent of my shows in Kumasi, I was one of the busiest artistes last year but because I was in Kumasi, hardly did anyone notice me because all the focus was on Accra,” he disclosed.

Away from not making it in Accra, Flowking Stone, real name Kwaku Nsiah Boamah, released his latest album Gifted II in December.

The 18-track album has songs such as Nana, Let Them Know, Gifted, Blow My Mind, I Want, Amazing, Darling, Soldier, Rundem, Hustlers, My Place and Lady Gaga.

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