I almost raped a lady but… – Grandpa confesses

I almost raped a lady but… – Grandpa confesses

Ghanaian movie actor, Michael Agyare, known popularly as Grandpa, has confessed and shared how he almost raped a lady some years back.

Talking to Adwen the Love Doctor on eTV Ghana’s In Bed With Adwen adult show, he narrated that the lady was someone he was dating at the time and spending a lot of money on. However, the farthest she ever allowed him to go with her was K!ssing.

Grandpa explained that she always left him with his penis erected and he thought it was not fair since he was spending on her and providing literally everything she wanted.

“One day, I decided that when she visits me, I would not let her leave without her finishing what she had started by K!ssing me so as we were romancing, I grabbed her onto the bed and tried to take off her pants because I thought she would give in”, he said.

“She just screamed that she would curse me if I did it and at once, my penis just relaxed like I was never even horny in the first place. I just gave up and left her to go home.

Grandpa told Adwen that from there, he deleted the lady’s number and never spoke to or heard from her again.