How to identify the best investment type for you

How to identify the best investment type for you

Deborah Afulani, a Business Development Manager, has tipped on how one can determine or identify among the long list of investment options, which will be best for them.

Interviewed by Mercy Bee the Ekumfi Princess on eTV Ghana’s Girl Vibes, she first explained that investment is basically putting your money into a venture with the aim of making some returns or profit out of it.

According to her, there are various types of investments, however, one can only decide on the best investment type when they take into consideration their plan. She instanced, “If you want to start a business and you’re going into marriage and you want to contribute to the whole marriage ceremony, you can start to apportion your salary”.

She explained further that, “Instead of doing 20% for only investment, then you can do 10% for investment and 10% for the wedding”. Deborah affirmed that it is very advisable for a woman to save something aside for her wedding because it is also her big day and not many women would like to settle for something less than their dream wedding because of financial issues.

She also added that it will be fulfilling if, after everything, a woman is happy with how her big day went and knows she had a hand in it.

“It’s your wedding so you have to save for it. You want your wedding in a certain way so you should be able to contribute to how you want it. Don’t put the burden on the man alone. Even if you contribute 3%, it’s better than nothing and you’ll be proud of yourself if at the end of the day you realize that you also contributed to having your dream wedding”, Deborah further advised.