How to heal from heartbreak on your own

How to heal from heartbreak on your own

Joy Anima Debrah, National Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Ghana Psychological Association (GPA), has shared some ways by which people can deal with heartbreak on their own.

In an interview with Mercy Bee the Ekumfi Princess on the topic , she advised that it is very important for every individual to have a good coping mechanism and the first thing to look at is a stronger social support.

“We cannot live alone as an island and not tell our issues. I have always been told that a problem shared is a problem half solved so if we’re able to share our problems and with the right people, then we should be able to resolve most of our problems”, she said.

Joy continued that another thing is to learn problem solving skills. “you should not be all about mummy and daddy so much that anything that happens, someone has to solve for you. There should be little ways that you can solve problems and learn to come out of such situations. When you have learnt these things, you also work on improving yourself and your self esteem because it is about you and not any other person”.

According to the physiological expert, a lot of people who find it heart to get over heartbreaks find themselves in that situation because they tie their lives around their partners and their whole world is now build around the person. She advised that one needs to have faith in him or herself as that helps to get over heartbreaks.