Hopeson Adorye accuses NDC of being the hindrance to Ghana’s Development

Deputy National Security Coordinator in charge of airports, Hopeson Yaovi Adorye has accused members of the National Democratic Congress [NDC] as the brains behind Ghana’s underdevelopment.

He says new projects and educative settings are laid down anytime NPP is in government, but those initiatives turn to be abandoned and changed, preventing the nation from moving forward like other developing countries.

“Indeed NDC is the hindrance to Ghana’s progess; all they do in government is to put up policies that will benefit their party not the nation, leaving the country always at a stagnant position,” he said.

He added that anytime an NPP leader leads the nation Ghana moves forward in a right direction but all the progress comes to a standstill when the NDC takes over.

“Good policies and provisions always come up anytime NPP is in government but members of the NDC come back to power to change those laid down procedures just to please their personal gains,” he said on UTV’s late news discussion.

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