Govt urged to ban cat, dog meat consumption over latest health concerns

Govt urged to ban cat, dog meat consumption over latest health concerns

The consumption of cat and dog meat which is a delicacy of some persons in the country could soon be banned if the government agrees to a petition currently pending before it.

Health concerns have been raised about the consumption of meat predominantly in the Upper East and West and Volta Regions which has partly become a custom and tradition of the people.

A former Member of Parliament (MP) for Lawra and Deputy Minister for Roads and Highways, Anthony Karbo in 2017 suggested the establishment of dog meat factories under the government’s proposed 1-district-1-factory policy.

According to him, since every district was going to benefit from the resources they had in abundance, it would not be out of place to establish such factories in the Frafra and Dagaaba dominated areas of the country where dog meat is the topmost delicacy.

“Dog is a delicacy. It’s such a huge delicacy in Korea and China. It’s an exportable product, let’s put all jokes aside. It’s an exportable product and I have lived in Bolga for so many years and I know that there are dog hunters in Bolga who go around buying dogs and hunting for dogs and it’s a big delicacy just like we could have a cat factory for the Volta Region”, he disclosed.

But in International Animal Rights Activist, Natasha Choolun has petitioned government cat and dog meat for human consumption.

“Dogs and cats are not food, but loyal companion animals that should be treated with kindness and respect, not brutalized and eaten. The brutal dog and cat meat trade are putting human health at risk from the consumption of dogs and cats in form of Cholera, Rabies and other deadly diseases. “We urge you to ban the demonic dog and animal sacrifices and the barbaric dog and cat meat trade in Africa. Like many harmful and outdated practices in history, these barbaric animal sacrifices must also be abolished.” The petition read in part.