Google explains why the PHOTO of Donald Trump comes up when you type “Idiot”

Google CEO Sundar Pichai dey testify give America House of Representatives Judiciary Committee ontop questions of how di search engine dey dominate wetin pipo dey read inside US.

Oga Pichai explain why America presido Donald Trump face dey appear wen pesin type ‘idiot’ ontop dia search engine, during im testimony on Tuesday.

Republicans wey dey di committee dey claim say Google search results dey bias and say Democrats wey dey work for Google company choose websites wey dey free to write as dem like instead of di ones wey dey careful to write as dem like wen e concern how dem wan place Google service wey concern search mata .

Democrats wey dey di committee push back, and Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, wey dey represent di district where Google amin office dey, give Pichai chance to explain wella why Google search results no dey biase.

Her question involve President Donald Trump mata.

Na Sundar Pichai reply be dis: “We provide search today for any time you type in one key word, we as Google, we don put togeda and store copies of billions of web pages inside our index. We take di keyword and match am against web pages and rank dem based on over 200 signals. Things like relevance, freshness, popularity, how oda pipo dey using am, and based on dat, at any given time we try to rank and find di best results for dat query. Then we dey check dem out wit external raters, to make sure, and dem too dey check am out wit objective guidelines, and na how we dey make sure di process dey working.”

Before di Google oga tok, Lofgren bin ask: “How dat one fit happen? How dis search dey work for dis kain tins to occur?”

“Manipulation of search results, I tink e dey important to tok about how search works,” Lofgren tok. “Right now, if you Google di word ‘idiot,’ under foto dem wey go appear, pishure of Donald Trump go come up. I just do am.”

And true-true she dey right. Dis na di wey BBC News Pidgin too don do from Lagos Nigeria and di same result appear.

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