Girls with smelly hair love ‘doggy’ -Grandpa

Girls with smelly hair love ‘doggy’ -Grandpa

Ghanaian actor, Grandpa, has revealed per his observation that most girls who like wearing wigs also like to opt for the ‘doggy ‘position during sɛx and explained why.

This, he said, is because most of them repeat their wigs several times without washing their hair or the wig, hence to keep the man from perceiving the bad smell, they tell the man that they prefer having sɛx in the doggy position.

“Most women who like wearing wigs usually have smelly hair so when you’re having sɛx with them, they always like doggy. Doggy is a favorite position for a lot of people but for some of these girls, it is just a strategy”, he said.

Grandpa said this during an interview with Adwen the Love Doctor on’s most-watched adult edutainment show ‘In Bed with Adwen’ which airs every Friday at 10pm on eTV Ghana.

According to him, the environment in which two people are, has a lot of effect of their sexʋal life and this environment is not only the physical but the emotional environment and their relationship environment or mood in their relationship.

He further advised that bad smell, be it on the body, the room or even in the bed can be a huge turn off during sɛx. Therefore, cleanliness, in his opinion, is very important and can determine how good a couple’s sexʋal life will be.