Ghana will soon import eggs

Ghana will soon import eggs

Actor John Dumelo has expressed worry over the rising cost of maize indicating the country risk a collapsed poultry farming

According to him, the cost does not only affect consumers but also the poultry market considering the fact that it’s a necessity for the poultry industry.

He believes that with the rate at which prices for maize keeps surging, there will be a worry for the poultry industry.

John Dumelo said with time, Ghana will have to resort to importing chicken because of the price of maize which is one of the main chicken feed.

Even currently, the actor has disclosed that it’s cheaper to import chicken rather than buying locally so people might as well advise themselves if things are not done to ensure that the prices of maize is reduced drastically.

He said “If care is not taken, Ghana will soon start importing crates of chicken eggs for consumption. The price of maize(used for Chicken feed) has tripled and it’s killing our poultry industry slowly. It’s even now cheaper to buy imported chicken than local ones”.

Meanwhile, some poultry farmers have lamented the sharp rise in prices of maize in these few months saying that money that hitherto could buy them ten bags of maize now buy them four or less.