Find out how to pray the right way

Find out how to pray the right way

Resident Pastor, Mossvake Community Sanctuary, Gladstone Kweku Mensah Akabua has shared the right way Christians ought to pray.

Defining prayer as communication with our God and creator he emphasized that it is very important for Christians to pray the right way as a lot are struggling to do that.

He told Paul Anomah Kordieh on e.TV Ghana’s Christian Connect, “By default when you’re born and you have a normal community or normal family you talk and they talk but even in that concept, as you’re growing your parents will tell you that there’s a way to talk to certain people and it’s the same way with God”.

He noted that when it comes to prayer we don’t just pray because there is a pattern and, “we must follow the pattern the Bible has given”.

Citing an example from the Bible he said, “Like Jesus said in John 10:11, John taught his disciples how to pray so you too teach us so, he taught them a model of how to pray”.

Pastor Gladstone shared that before one prays it is important for them to honor the Lord.

“So you start with adoration, just worship him, be grateful to him, see him as who he is, your creator, your father and when done, confess your sins then give thanks afterwards, whatever you have on your chest or desires you have, present it to him” he highlighted.

He mentioned that although prayer is just communication, there’s a way and manner it should be communicated and, “that is where we believe that a lot of issues happen within that system of communication”.