Every woman has ‘backup’ boyfriends – Actor says

Every woman has ‘backup’ boyfriends – Actor says

Michael Agyare, a Ghanaian Kumawood actor who popularly goes by the name Grand Paa has stated that every woman keeps a minimum of four boyfriends so that she can have backup if one relationship goes south.

Interviewed by the host of e.TV Ghana’s In Bed with Adwen, Justice Boakye Danquah on another episode of the show, he said this to support his earlier observation on how some women sometimes share posts about heartbreak when they probably have not had any issues with their known boyfriend.

He said in this case that the woman may be experiencing heartbreak not from her known boyfriend but from one of her backup boyfriends.

“These days, a lot of girls are not faithful. If a girl tells you she doesn’t have a boyfriend, know that she has at least four or five. They meddle with guys because some girls want a guy with money, one who gives good sɛx, one who is handsome and one who has six packs so if you give her money and you don’t give her good sɛx, she will look for another guy to provide that”, he said.

According to Grand Paa, if such a woman posts stuff about heartbreak, it could look like a random post to her boyfriends whom she is at that point not having issues with but will make sense to the one who is responsible for the heartbreak.