Every musician needs a mystery – Jah Lead insists

Every musician needs a mystery – Jah Lead insists

Ghanaian singer and songwriter, Jay Lead has advised his fellow musicians to always have a mystery to identify them and the type of music they are into.

Talking to Foster Romanus on e.TV Ghana’s Late Nite Celebrity Show he said, “I always tell people, every musician needs a mystery around his works and for me, mine is my hair”.

The musician who wears dreadlocks stated that, although some people might believe in it or have their own preference, he believes it’s important for every musician to have a mystery.

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He defined the mystery as anything that makes the artiste stand out and stay unique from others.

“Everything is possible under the sun and your mystery might be what will inspire people so do you, do what you’re supposed to do and the rest will come from there” he expressed.

His advise to upcoming artistes was, “Your mind is the only tool that can limit you from whatever you want to become so, make sure to brighten your corner and brighten up wherever you are and do what God gives to you”.