Evangelist Addai would die very soon — Kumchacha ‘Prophesies’

Evangelist Addai would die very soon — Kumchacha ‘Prophesies’

Evangelist Addai Emmanuel Would Die Very Soon — Kumchacha ‘Prophesies’

There is a certain ‘evangelist’ who’s been grabbing attention recently by giving making outrageous claims about public figures, the latest of which is the claim that Osei Kwame Despite is part of the Illuminati and takes blood from his company’s blood donation exercises to use for rituals.

Addai, in a series of social media videos, claims getting blood for rituals is the reason Despite Group of Companies always support/organize such donation exercises.

Many of Despite’s employees have hit back at him, including Abeiku Santana and Kwame Nkrumah Tikese. The National Blood Service has also released a statement disclaiming the assertion.

Kumchacha has also now responded and according to him Addai is a mad man and the insanity runs in his family.

Speaking on Okay Fm, owned by Despite of course, Kumchacha said two family members of the Evangelist both went mad and died in due course and he sees the Evangelist as mad already.

He therefore ‘prophesied’ that it wouldn’t be too long before Addai also joins his family members in the land of the dead.

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