Employ people based on merit not s3x- Communicator advises

Employ people based on merit not s3x- Communicator advises

Communicator/ Entrepreneur, Dora Badu Owusu Adomah, has advised bosses of organizations who employ based on s3x to put a stop to it.

According to her, it shows disrespect to the boss, his organization and the victim as well.

“It’s funny in phase value but it goes a long way to tell who you are as a person” she mentioned.

In an interview with Aj on e.TV Ghana’s Girl Vibes she said, “They should qualify for the jobs they get because, when they were advertising they had their requirements like the degree and the years of experience so they should go according to that. They don’t add to the requirements that the job is given in exchange for s3x”.

She emphasized that she does not understand why s3x should be a requirement to get a job.

She described the act as sad and one that should be condemned and not accepted.

She believes, “A person with principles wouldn’t do that and it is very sad we should allow the system to work. If I apply for a job and I present my CV and you think I qualify give me the job if not, try an aptitude test to clear your doubts and if you’re still not convinced, let me go, but don’t demand for s3x”.

She also disclosed that this unfortunate acts do not only happen to females but some males also face the same challenge, “when you hear some stories they make you ask yourself what’s going on”.

Dora stated that there’s no reason to justify such actions because, “some of them just feel because they are in power then they can demand for such but it shouldn’t be so”.