Divorce your husband if he can’t satisfy you in bed – Prophet advises women

General Overseer of Yahweh Chapel International, Prophet Livingstone Kwame Frimpong, has stated that it is better to exit a marriage that gives you more problems than stay in it.

He made these comments on the popular adult program, ‘IN BED WITH ADWENE’ on e.TV Ghana, saying “if your husband has a small penis and it is not pleasing you as a woman sexually, you better exit the marriage than cheat on him,’’he stated.
He however, insisted he is not an advocate for divorce but it is better to divorce a man as a wife than to cheat on him.

According to him, through counselling sessions he has discovered a worrying trend of married women going back to their ex-boyfriends for sex and have children out of these encounters and pass off these children as their husbands’.

He advised, pastors and men of God to adopt the topic of sex in their churches as it is equally important.

“If you don’t talk about sex in the church, it will be difficult for couples to approach you as a man of God whenever they have sexually related marital issues,” he concluded.