Disrespectful Charlotte Osei and her logo caused Mahama’s defeat in 2016 – Akua Donkor

Disrespectful Charlotte Osei and her logo caused Mahama’s defeat in 2016 – Akua Donkor


Akua Donkor of the Ghana Freedom Party (GFP), has revealed that the change of the Electoral Commission logo back in 2016 by its former boss Charlotte Osei is one of the main factors that contributed to the defeat of the former President John Mahama in the 2016 general election.

According to Akua Donkor, ex-president Mahama did not listen to her advice. She also asserted that she warned Mahama about Charlotte Osei being “arrogant” and “too proud.”

Speaking in an interview on Happy FM’s ‘Epa Hoa Daben’ show Akua Donkor said, “Mahama did not listen to my advice. I told her that, Charlotte does not respect and he [Mahama] should not allow her to change the EC logo. He did not listen to me. It is because of the logo they change and Charlotte Osei that’s why Mahama lost the 2016 general election.”

The EC under the leadership of Madam Charlotte Osei, changed the logo in 2016 to a multi-coloured one because according to her, “we do not represent the authority of the state. We are more than the ballot box. Our mandate is beyond just the ballot box as we’ve explained and we believe that the Coat of Arms does not speak to the independence, legal and functional independence of the commission.”

However, Akua Donkor also revealed that because of Mahama’s disobedience she has not been in talking terms with the former president.

Prior to the 2016 general elections, Madam Akua Donkor was a staunch supporter of Former President Mahama and she also describes Mahama as her beloved son.

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