Church was awesome today – Supt. Minister of Methodist Church Ghana

The Minister in charge of the Dunwell Methodist Church, Dichemso Kumasi and the Superintendent Minister of the New Tafo Circuit of the Kumasi Diocese of the Methodist Church Ghana, Very Rev. Dr Samuel Edubate Nketsia has given an account on church service after a couple of months of not going to church.

Very Rev. Dr Samuel Edubate Nketsia speaking to the media today, Sunday, 14th June, 2020 after the second service said he could see some sort of joy in the congregants as he was also experiencing.

According to the Reverend Minister, the one hour was enough for the service and they were able to worship, dine with Christ and did the regular service within the allotted time by the government.

“All the safety measures have been put in place to ensure the congregants healthy living, the hand washing, the use of face mask, sanitizers, robbing alcohol, checking of temperature, proper registration of members, social distancing inside and outside the church auditorium and others are duly observed at this premises,” Very Rev. Dr. Samuel Nketsia lamented.

“I am urging the public to debunk the speculations out there suggesting sixty years and above are not allowed to attend church in this pandemic season,” he added.

According to the Reverend Minister, if both the church members and the Pastors are to agree and adopt this one hour church service style, it will help in so many ways not only the churches but the nation at large.

“The Corona virus is still with us so we must keep on practicing all the protocols given by the appropriate stakeholders to ensure our own safety and I am sure we shall overcome,” Very Rev. Dr. Edubate Nketsia admonished.

Source: Kwaku Citizen/