Can you tell if someone is obsessed with you? Find out how:

Can you tell if someone is obsessed with you? Find out how:

Group Executive Director of Policy Network Group, Louis Yaw, has shared some very useful hints on signs to look out for to know whether someone is obsessed with you or not.

Discussing the topic ‘How to deal with an obsessed partner’ with host, Nana Yaw Odame on the Men’s Lounge show which airs on eTV Ghana, he started by defining obsession as having a pre-occupied mind and a well-focused energy on one particular person or thing.

Talking about how to know when someone is obsessed with you in a relationship, Louis hinted that if in the case of a breakup, one party refuses to understand and accept that they are no more, it is a sign that they are obsessed.

“They can’t understand that you are no more with them and that someone else is going to have with you that kind of relationship that they want. This person will start to pre-occupy his or her mind about the situation and possibly do all sort of things just to keep you with them”, he said.

Another sign, he said, is that the person may consistently try to be with you wherever you are and at every point in time. “The person now starts to show physical signs like wanting to be in your circle every time because he or she has now moved from pre-occupying their mind with thoughts of you. They can show up at your office, visit you at home, or anywhere that they know they can find you”, he shared.

According to Louis, obsession is not a bad thing, however, it should have its limits and not take the whole of a person.