‘Bonking’ your pregnant wife is best therapy for easy delivery – Midwife

‘Bonking’ your pregnant wife is best therapy for easy delivery – Midwife

The Head of Maternal and Child Birth Service at Craddle Maternity Hospital, Maame Serwaa Major is advising husbands not to deprive their pregnant wives of sex, especially after 12 weeks of pregnancy, because sex is major facilitator of easy delivery.

Speaking on Adom FM’s reality show for pregnant women, ‘Nyinsen Ne Awuor’, the Midwife said pregnant women get frequent discharges getting closer to delivery, and sex boost the Oxytocin (the love hormones) which prepares the women for smooth labor.

She added that babies are fully developed after three months of pregnancy and are also protected in watery tube, which protect them from any external harm so couples should debunk the notion that having sex after three months of pregnancy may destroy the baby.

Maame Serwaa Major, however advised that for marriage to be sustained during pregnancy period, partners should not deprive themselves of sex with the superstitious mindsets that the baby might come out or may die during sex.

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