Bisa Kdei reportedly arrested in USA

Bisa Kdei reportedly arrested in USA

Bisa Kdei Reportedly Arrested In The U.S.A Whilst Shooting A New Video

Bisa Kdei recently released his new album Highlife Konnect with some superb singles and he’s reportedly currently in the U.S shooting a video for one of the singles.

However, if floating reports are to be believed, Kdei has found himself in trouble with the law after he was arrested for trespassing.
According to multiple reports, Kdei was shooting the video for ‘Asew’ in a neighbourhood in the U.S which is predominantly white and some neighbours freaked out about his all black crew and called the cops.

Upon arrival, they picked up the artist for trespassing.

It’s unclear whether his team had a permit to be shooting in that area or not.

Bisa Kdei also posted on his snapchat that “I’ve been caught by the police”, seemingly lending credence to the reports.
However, others have also tagged it a publicity stunt to garner interest in his new album.


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