Besties are a violation of the rules of marriage – Actor says

Besties are a violation of the rules of marriage – Actor says

Ghanaian actor, Michael Agyare better known by his nickname ‘Grand Paa’ has declared that having a best friend aside one’s spouse is a violation of the rules of marriage.

He said this during a discussion with eTV Ghana’s Love Doctor, Justice Boakye Danquah on the ‘In Bed with Adwen’ show while covering the topic ‘Dangers of having the opposite sɛx as a bestie while in a relationship’.

Per his assertion, we can safely say that Grandpa is against the motion of a married person or someone in a relationship having a best friend of the opposite sɛx. He noted that a lot of people who have besties of the opposite sɛx while in relationships only use the bestie tag but in actual sense, the bestie is actually their ‘side chick’ or ‘side guy’.

“The most painful thing is to allow a third person into your marriage or relationship. It doesn’t help because so long as he or she is your bestie, you will discuss one or two personal issues with the person. Imagine being alone with your bestie in a room and sharing your problems with him or her.

When he or she starts to console you, you will feel at ease with them and before you know it, it will lead to something else that you’re not supposed to do”, Grandpa said.

The actor noted that he will never regard any woman as a bestie especially not when he is married or has a girlfriend because his partner is fit to be his bestie, mother, sister and everything else that he could ever want from a woman. “Women are naturally jealous so if I am to wake up every morning and talk to a lady because I claim she’s my bestie, my wife will not feel secure so the best thing would be to cut that off”, he concluded.