YouTube is Killing the movie industry not Telenovelas – Mercy Asiedu

YouTube is Killing the movie industry not Telenovelas – Mercy Asiedu

The emergence of foreign soaps and telenovelas were said to be the cause of the collapse of the Ghana Movie industry especially the Kumawood Industry.

Oheneyere Mercy Asiedu says that is not the case. According to the Kumawood actress, the telenovelas have done less or close to nothing to master this cause.

Speaking to Kumasi-based Agyenkwa FM, she said:

“Anytime there is a new movie, you will see it on YouTube hours after its release. How will someone who has watched a movie on Youtube take money to purchase a copy? Ghanaians outside were the ones buying most of our movies but they now watch our films on Youtube.

“When I made my recent trip to the U.S.A, I realised all movies in Ghana are on Youtube so they just log onto the internet and they start watching them one after the other.

“We are now pleading with our leaders to adopt the new trend so that it will help the industry.

“I will not say it is part of why our industry is suffering. TV stations are running a business and they need money so they show content which will generate income for them.

“We have to produce content that will yield income for them as well so we should not blame telenovelas. I have a new series on TV and I’ve been receiving good reviews since it started showing.

“If we can all produce quality products for the TV stations, I’m not sure they will reject them.”


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