VIDEO: My Husband can’t perform in bed anymore because of Akufo-Addo – Woman cries

While Ghanaians have complained of hardships in many diverse ways, perhaps, the most severe of all the hardships has just been disclosed by one woman.

According to this woman, her husband can no longer satisfy her in bed because his manhood refuses to be “strong”. Speaking in the Akan language in a video on Facebook, the woman, who appeared so frustrated while speaking, said her husband has been burdened by the president so much so that their sleep has been affected.

According to her, the recent increase in fuel, and general performance of Ghana’s economy, has affected her husband’s performance in bed. She mentioned that her husband has to pay high prices for utility bills including light bill, making the situation unbearable for them “My husband can’t fire, all we do is to lay there [in bed] looking at each other till the next day, he has light bill burden, others, which have made ‘his thing soft’ so he can’t sleep with me well anymore.

Akufo-Addo must go for Mahama to come so that we will be free,” the aggrieved woman blurted out in the Akan language.

Meanwhile, some other Ghanaians have also decried what they call a hard economy, which according to reports, has become the case due to the high depreciation of the cedi and other factors. The depreciation of the cedi, according to Kennedy Agyapong, should be blamed on the government for not being truthful with Ghanaians.

Also, there have been complaints of job loss, high utility bill, unemployment, high taxes, among Ghanaians.

More recently, the government introduce a tax stamp policy for locally-manufactured textiles to ensure that taxes on these goods are paid before they are released onto the market. In a related development, the government has announced that a total of GH₵73.49 billion will be used in 2019, as the 2019 budget hearing indicated.

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