20-year-old boy’s hand chopped off in the name of love

A twenty-year-old man has lost his hand in a quest to prove his love to a young lady at Sandema in the Upper West Region.

The victim, Evans Kwao, is said to have lost his hand after daring to put it in a grinding machine in a quest to prove to a lady whose name was giving as Jemima that, he was in love with her.

Rainbow Radio’s Abubakar Nuhu narrating the incident on Nyankonton Mu Nsem said, Jemima asked Evans to put his hand in the grinding machine to prove his love for her.

Evans according to Nuhu said he could do more than what he was asked to do because he had been putting his hands in fire without being burnt.

So in his quest to prove his love to Jemima, Evans put his hand in the grinding machine but was unlucky and had his hand chopped off. He is currently in a critical condition, Nuhu added.

The victim he said was rushed to the hospital but doctors have said they will not be able to attach the chopped off portion of his hand to its position.